Project Risk Calculator

Project Risk Calculator

Our web-based project risk management app, Roebling, is designed to help civil engineering, technical services, and other design firms quickly assess project risk, prevent profit margin erosion, avoid claims, and steer clear of problem projects by providing a better front-end project risk management experience.

I built Roebling based on my 15+ years of experience inside of URS and AECOM (today, the second-largest design firm in the world), where the go/no-go process for individual projects and the risk review process generally could get convoluted. Historical knowledge was difficult to leverage from project-to-project and preparing risk packages was a manual, time-consuming process. I wanted to make it easier on myself, as a legal and risk advisor, to highlight what made a particular project or pursuit risky or not. From this, Roebling was born.

Roebling was a finalist in the 2021 Global Infrastructure Hub's InfraChallenge. It is a cloud-based, multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) risk management platform

When you log in using the credentials below (available to our premium subscribers), you’ll see a landing page that allows you to create a new project record, load an existing project record, or view all of the projects created so far in Roebling. The tool is a great way to perform a quick "sanity check" to make sure that your scope and contract terms are within your expected risk tolerance for a given project. The projects that you'll see pre-loaded into Roebling are benchmarks that use industry-standard terms and conditions, so you can get a sense for where your project falls on our risk continuum.

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